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They share this exceptional place and bring it to life.

La Galerie des arts du feu

An exhibition and demonstration centre which is a first in France, dedicated to working with clay, glass and metal. The approximately 500 m2 Galerie des…

Café Hamlet

It is at the entrance to this jewel of Norman heritage, Aître Saint-Maclou, that chef Gilles Tournadre & his partner Philippe Coudy imagine Café Hamlet.

Galerie Telmah

Installed in the heart of the aître, the TELMAH Gallery offers a program bringing together artists of international stature and young emerging talents. The program…

Gill’s pastries

Gill’s pastries pay homage to our Normandy region: discover the apple in all its forms… In the neighborhood where his grandfather and father’s pastry shop…

“Danse macabre” on mobile

The danse macabre is a magnificent piece of art which is rarely seen. Use your smartphone to discover all the secrets of Aître Saint-Maclou and the dead dancing and joking with people from the past.