“Danse macabre” on mobile

The danse macabre is a magnificent piece of art which is rarely seen. Use your smartphone to discover all the secrets of Aître Saint-Maclou and the dead dancing and joking with people from the past.

360° photo & History of the site

View the ossuary around you in 360° and discover its stories at your own pace. Interested in a column? Interact directly with it to find out more. And if you’re eager for even more information, the Saint-Maclou cat can tell you the story of the ossuary in detail, period by period.

“Danse macabre” video

When night falls on the ossuary, the cat leaves its home and crosses from wall to wall to wake the dead. Few people have the opportunity to see the skeletons and sibyls dance. The artist Nikodio uses music and images to immerse you in this unfamiliar universe at night.

Viewing the danse macabre is not just about looking at dead and unassuming stones – it’s about seeing the dead come to life and dance.