A cemetery with galleries

The Saint-Maclou parish cemetery, adjoining the church, becomes too small. It is enlarged and becomes “le grand aître”, in the 14th century, Europe was affected by a demographic crisis caused by war, famine and plague. Rouen was badly affected and had to create a new cemetery: Aître Saint-Maclou.

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A place of education

From 1661 to 2014, Aître Saint-Maclou had a new educational purpose: a school for young men, then young women, a school of fine arts… For over 120 years, educational activities took place alongside funeral activities.

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The restoration and a new purpose

The restoration by Métropole Rouen Normandie in 2016 was an unprecedented project in the monument’s history. Today, Aître Saint-Maclou is home to several residents linked to culture, crafts and gastronomy, and it offers various events and entertainment activities in its courtyard.

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